Nikki Davis has had a love for photography since she was a child. After having children of her own, she focused in on portrait photography. It wasn't until her very supportive husband encouraged her to pursue her dream that the love of photography became a profession as well as a passion.

Nikki takes that special day, or just the everyday, and captures the memories for you in the form of visual story-telling. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Nikki endeavors to use her art to weave a veritable essay of emotion, beauty, love......and life. She has a natural eye for enhancing the little things that set people apart as individuals and creating a personal and unique experience for each of her subjects.

Nikki Davis is a native of Miami, FL. She hop-scotched north through the years until she made it to Illinois. She now resides an hour SW of Chicago, IL, with her husband and four beautiful daughters (which are still her favorite muses).